If you are expecting a baby, then there are a lot of jobs that need doing to make your house safe. A lot of everyday items can become dangerous for your baby. You might have prepared for the baby’s arrival but some of these are easily forgotten in the excitement of the baby coming, so this list should help you to remember.
     When baby-proofing a home, the kitchen is often the first room that comes to mind. It has a lot of items that can be dangerous to a small child. From knives to the stove and boiling water from a kettle, there are many potential danger that needs to be considered. However, don’t forget about your cleaning supplies as you don’t want your baby getting their hands on these. You will need to reorganize your kitchen so that they can’t reach your cleaning supplies as well as making sure they can’t reach any other potentially dangerous objects. You could fit your drawers and cupboard doors with child locks so that only the adults can get in them too. This would limit the amount of reorganizing you would need to do and ensure that as your child grows and can reach more things you don’t have to rearrange your kitchen again.
     It is worth being aware of what is within reach of the child when you are holding them, too. Can they reach something on a worktop that could be dangerous? Are they going to reach over and pull something off that could hurt them or damage your kitchen? When you are baby proofing your kitchen, these are the extra questions you need to be considering. If you have a separate kitchen area and do not want your child to get in and hurt themselves, then installing a child gate is an excellent idea. However, do not rely on this as the only way of protecting your children and still follow the above advice.
     Speaking of installing a child gate, you will want to put on at the top and bottom of any stairs in your home. The last thing you want is for your child to start to crawl or walk and hurt themselves falling down the stairs. These gates are easy to install and will prevent your children from entering your staircase, preventing any accidents. You should seek advice on what kind of gate to install on your staircase as the size and nature of your particular stairs will vary from someone else's, but the store you purchase it from can help you.
Sharp Corners
     You will want to be mindful of where the sharp corners in your home are. Whether they are on your furniture or are part of the house itself, you will likely need to soften them in someway. You can do this in a multitude of ways. You buy specific products that are a soft corner that attaches to whatever the issue is. However, some corners will be abnormal, or you might not want to shell out for a lot of this kind of product. If that is the case, then you could buy some sponge and fit it to your corners. This will do a similar thing to a store bought product, but you can make it fit any sharp edge. If you are planning to move into a new home and have young children or are planning to have kids, then you should consider how many edges and corners are in the house. Taking the extra time when looking around the house can save you a major headache in the future, so whether you are looking at an HDB resale or something else, keep this in mind.
Living Room
     The living room will likely be the room you spend the most time in with your child, so you need to take extra care to remove any dangerous objects and baby proof it effectively. If you have a fireplace, then make sure that you have an effective guard to stop and dangerous situations. You will want to make sure your baby can’t get at any of your electrical cords, so having them tidied away is important. Talking of electricity, make sure to have plug guards on all of your sockets as your baby may put their fingers in there.
     It is also worth considering how strong the hooks are on any wall hangings you have and whether you should upgrade to stronger versions. You do not want them being pulled off or falling your child. Have a few cushions on the floor will help prevent any falling injuries from adventurous children who like to climb on the furniture, too.

The bathroom is another room that will have cleaning supplies that need moving out of reach. However, you never want to leave your child alone in here anyway. Getting a toilet lock can help prevent any problems in that area. Getting a thermometer for the bath can help you to know that it is a safe temperature, too. Getting the special baby soap will keep them clean and prevent any irritation or damage that adult shampoo or body wash can cause a young child.

Baby’s Room

Let’s say you’ve baby proofed the rest of your house - well done if you have! Do not forget that just because you have a crib in the baby’s room that there is still work to be done. You need to make sure that the floor is soft enough that a particularly adventurous child can’t climb out and hurt themselves. Additionally, you will want to be careful about putting soft toys, pillows and blankets in the crib with the baby when sleeping as each of these can cause suffocation for a young child. A baby should also always be placed on their back while sleeping to avoid sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Getting a toy box to put toys away is also a good idea as it will help keep the floor tidy and prevent any tripping.



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Really very helpful material for the parents to keep their baby safe in the house. Little kids are naughty and they touching this which dangerous we must keep kids stay away from them. I hope all the parents like those tips and they able to protect them.


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