As a parent, you’ll know all too well that you have a lot to keep track of when it comes to your kids. Not only do you need to make sure that they’re breathing and fed, and generally in good health, but you have to make sure they get to school on time, and that they’re doing as well as they can be there too. It can be tough! So when you think about throwing extracurriculars on top of that, it can all seem a bit much. But you know deep down that your kids need their extracurriculars for balance and a bit of fun too. So, as a parent, you’re going to want to make sure that stay on top of them too.
Know The Options
The first thing that’s going to help you not only make sense of things, but also ensure that you know where you are with them, is to know exactly what extracurricular options your kid has. Whether they’re five or fifteen, there’s likely to be a mix of sporting, academic, and creative options available to them, even some cool and quirky options too. So be sure to go through the list of options that the school offers your child. You should look to do it together so they can see what might interest them, but you can also advise what they might like, or what could be good for their future.
Create A Schedule
From here, you then need to create your own schedule or chart for the wall. Because when there’s a lot of activities going on, it’s hard to know where your kid has to be and when. Throw in more than one kid and things get complicated. So color code by activity or kid and put up the extracurricular schedule on a calendar-type chart so that everyone knows when meets, practices, games, competitions, and rehearsals are.
Invest In The Right Equipment

Then comes the monetary side to things. Because you’re also going to want to make sure that you invest in the right areas. Whether they need custom wrestling singlets or a new clarinet, extracurriculars need the right equipment. So it’s a good idea to get them started young, so that you know they’re going to stick at whatever it is you choose to invest in.
Get Extra Help

Some extracurriculars that your child will come across will be really beneficial to them come their college years. So you may want them to do well. When this is the case, getting them extra tuition in a certain activity could help. Whether it’s private coaching or a tutor, you may find extra help can help them to excel with their extracurriculars too.
Be Supportive

Above al else, your role as the parent is to be supportive. And that not only means that you should be helping them out with anything that they bring home to learn or practice, but that you also show up to physically support them too. So go to games, meets, competitions, or performances and cheer them on; it’s the best thing you can do for their extracurriculars.


11/23/2017 10:44pm

Extracurricular are good for our child's because they feel irritated from there daily routine. And they want to do something different in there this little life. And then they start there extracurricular activities with there friends and then they become normal and feel relax.

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