This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Xfinity. All opinions are my own. 
     Last night I got to hang out with the awesome people at the new Upper St. Clair Xfinity store to see what ways they can make my life hassle free. We love our Xfinity products and after last night I will be adding a few more on too! Check out all of the ways you can bring Xfinity into your home. 
     When you are an Xfinity customer you can now manage and customize your account from absolutely anywhere. You can also use any device. If you are working online, you can quickly log into your Xfinity account. While you are watching your favorite tv show, Press A or say "Help" to your X1 Voice Remote and you can easily access your account. Finally, since there is an app for everything, don't forget to download the Xfinity app here
     So, what sort of things can you do from your Xfinity My Account? If you have an upcoming tech appointment, you are now able to view/cancel or reschedule your appointment. Your X1 system can even assist you in managing your account or troubleshooting issues. Being an Xfinity customer really puts all your needs right at your fingertips. 
     Xfinity X1 is going to change everything you know about tv. Our entire family loves it, especially the kids! X1 gives you the viewing experience you have always wanted with its one of a kind interactive abilities. The advanced search, recommendations made for you, the latest movies and TV shows on your screen, these all make X1 the entertainment system we love at home or even on the road. 
     The X1 Voice Remote allows you to speak into it and search accross live TV, Xfinity on Demand, DVR, and even Netflix. No more trying to type and search. X1 hears you and does the work! 
     I absolutely love the Kids Zone on X1. It allows my kids to watch television and navigate shows that I know are appropriate for them, without my supervision. X1 helps me out when I am busy and can't be right next to them to see what they are viewing. All I have to do is speak "Kids Zone" into the X1 voice remote and I am right there. 
     Xfinity has you covered when you are at home or away. Xfinity Home is a total home security solution. Xfinity is the fastest growing home security provider. They give their customers 24/7 professional monitoring and advanced technology.
     No matter where you are, you want to know your family is safe. With Xfinity Home you can use your smartphone, tablet or computer and any internet connection to look after them. 
     The Xfinity security system gives you the peace of battery and cellular backup.  Your system is going to be connected during power failures or interruptions. This is especially important when your kids may be home alone. You know Xfinity always has your system up and running. 
     I love the Xfinity Home system because I can set the system to get notifications of activity in your home from anywhere. This is perfect for homes like mine who have parents who travel. 
     One of the newest additions to Xfinity is also the one I was most impressed with. Xfinity Mobile has been created to save families money. It is a plan that allows customers who don't use all of the data they are paying for to only buy what they need. 
     Xfinity Mobile has two options: you can buy data by the gig or unlimited. 
     Xfinity Mobile has all the best phones and right now they are offering a $200 prepaid card when you buy a Samsung phone. With no line access fees, unlimited talk and text and super low data plans, it is a smart choice for families. 
      Xfinity is the best ISP in America and I am not the only one who thinks so. According to, Xfinity consistently delivers fast Internet and the most WiFi coverage throughout homes.
     See if Xfinity is available in your state here
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Xfinity. All opinions are my own. 


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11/24/2017 2:09am

I have been a user of Xfinity for quite sometime now and I have to say it is the easiest thing have used. Works on everything.


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