People go to great lengths to reduce their weight. And no, we are not talking about some simple calorie restriction or intense workouts. Instead, we are discussing practices like ingesting tapeworms, having sex up to seven times a day, urine injections and so on. Such types of activities are some of the most extreme, bizarre, and fascinating weight loss plans people implement in a bid to become slim. And below, we look at seven such unbelievable ways to cut down weight. 
Regular Sex

Yep. Having regular sex has been observed to be good enough to burn off a few calories from your body. And if you are thinking what is considered as ‘regular’ sex, then you might come off a bit shocked since it can be anything around 7 times a day.  A very famous example is Pauline Potter who is known to engage in sex seven times a day with her ex-husband in order to lose weight. She once weighed close to 700 pounds and has shed about 100 pounds in a year by following this process. And as astonishing this example might seem to be, it nevertheless reasserts that fact that sexual activity does indeed help in burning out fat.

Painful Tongue

Do you have an uncontrollable urge to eat that renders all your diet plans ineffective? If so, a unique operation that patches a polyethylene mesh into the tongue might just be your solution. Developed by a California based surgeon, this operation makes the tongue experience pain every time you eat solid foods. And due to this, people naturally give up on such solid foods and instead focus on living with a liquid diet. As such, you will reduce your calorie intake over a period of time and lose your excess weight. There have been examples of people losing about 20 pounds in a few weeks thanks to the restrictive diet that this operation forces people into.


Granted that the idea of using tapeworms might make some people nauseate, but the fact is that the tiny creatures are used in some radical weight loss programs. And this is not a new phenomenon. In fact, centuries ago, people used to ingest a tapeworm with the specific purpose of losing weight. And though this procedure might work, it is undeniable that it comes with its own set of risks. You can not only suffer from intestinal blockage by ingesting a tapeworm but might also end up affecting your nervous system and brain. Even your organs might start failing. 

High Altitude Life

Living in a high-altitude location is also said to help reduce weight. An experiment was conducted with a few overweight people where they spent a week living 8700 feet above ground at the top of the highest peak in Germany, Zugspitze. And even though the participants ate whatever they could and never did any exercise, they ended up losing 3 pounds on average by the end of the week.

Bite Counter

A bite counter is a unique device aimed to help people manage what they eat. As the name suggests, the device records how many bites a person has had by tracking the wrist motion. And by looking at the device, which is worn as a watch around the wrist, the person can keep track of how much they have eaten, which eventually helps them control their food intake.

Urine Injections

This might come across as the most bizarre weight loss treatment in the list, but urine injections have been reported to help in cutting down the excess weight. Normally, the urine of pregnant women are used for the procedure. And daily injections of the urine is said to have helped people burn out almost 43 pounds in just about 5 months.

Nasogastric Dripping Tube

Another truly bizarre method to lose weight is something called a K-E diet, which promised to help people shed close to 20 pounds in as little as 10 days. So what do people have to do for this? A nasogastric tube is inserted into the nose of the person which is connected all the way to the stomach. And instead of eating through the mouth, a special solution rich in fats and protein is injected through the tube. This diet is said to trigger ketosis, which eventually burns down the fat in the body. 

And if the above methods make you uneasy, don’t worry. You don’t have to go to such extremes to shed your excess weight. Instead, a strict diet plan like the HCG diet program mentioned in this article should be sufficient to help you get back in shape. Just make sure that you follow the program religiously, and you are sure to see some drastic changes in your body.



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