Amidst all the worldly chaos and pollution, mother planet has plenty of avid treehuggers who have been successful in making people realize the pros of using eco-friendly household items. Whether greenhouses are good for the environment or really harsh in terms of global warming is still a debate, there have been ethanol fireplaces in the hood which can not only provide your homes with warmth but can do the chore of saving the environment quite adequately as well.
With a ton of modest designs, and sparing the limitations of having fireplaces embedded within walls, ethanol fireplaces have been manufactured with the latest technology in place. These might not only come in handy for ecology purposes but for a variety of other related ethanol fireplace pros and advantages, you might want to read further below.

1)   ECOLOGY-FRIENDLY: Before we go any further, we would like to elaborate how bio-ethanol fireplaces work. Fireplaces that needed wooden logs to burn and consequently produce heat and warmth required ‘flues’ for appropriate ventilation as well. Without flues, such rooms would exhaust with smoke and dangerous by-products could also cause abrupt pollution and health hazards.

One of the many pros of ethanol fireplaces is that they consume ethyl alcohol which is a biodegradable organic material as its pivotal source of energy. When burnt, ethyl alcohol produces carbon dioxide in amounts which are potentially immeasurable and thus, equivalent to the amount we exhale.

2)   EASY TO INSTALL: Ethanol fireplaces can not only be embedded into your walls easily but can also be mounted on your coffee tables as decoration pieces. Freestanding and recessed fireplaces are two of the more glorified kinds of wall mounted ethanol fireplaces, which can not only be installed without cost but with safety and utmost security.

Each bioethanol fireplace comes with an instruction manual that is easy to decipher, and thus follow for installation purposes.

3)   REAL HEAT AND WARMTH: What good would an ethanol fireplace be if it couldn’t and didn’t provide you with heat and warmth in exchange for your money and trust? Unlike electric fireplaces which would cost you an arm and a leg to heat up an indoor room adequately, ethanol fireplaces run on gas, and still manage to produce warmth as per your comfort.

With the ability to generate 2-3 KW without guzzling hazardous gas or producing dangerous by-products, ethanol fireplaces can be of great use and an excellent addition to your snow-laden homes in winters.

4)   MODEST DESIGN AND COST-FRIENDLY: Keeping the aesthetics of modern interior designing at par with modesty and authenticity, an ethanol fireplace screams of simplicity and far-off designs. Ethanol fireplaces come in different styles, to begin with, which are minimalistic and completely wholesome. Table-top ethanol fireplaces have been able to catch our interests quite avidly as they’re growing popular with time due to their sleek upholstery and minimalistic designs.

Recessed and two-way fireplaces have proven to be an eye-catching addition to spacious rooms, and surprisingly laugh at the prices of wood burning fireplaces that were used in the olden times.



12/29/2017 1:53pm

Nowadays, we have been introduced to so many different good things ideal for household use and at the same time eco-friendly. But we can all help each other by spreading these good news to our friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. These are so beneficial and yet cost-effective as most of us are already aware of. Being ecology friendly is not that easy but we can always preserve and choose right. This is for me the right choice and yet effective in every way possible.

02/17/2018 9:45am

This is very helpful and practical advise to everyone. Using Bio-ethanol fireplace is very interesting in such a way that it gives huge benefits and advantages to all consumers. Other than that, by patronizing such product, you will be able to save money as it is very cost-effective. This is also very relevant and valuable to help save our environment more than anything else. I wish you will be able to convey and inform more people with your effective marketing strategies.


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