Things can be difficult when one of your kids falls ill. They will need to take the day off school, which could make things tricky for you and your partner, especially if you both work full-time. Your plans will be thrown into chaos and you might have to try and negotiate a day off work so that you can care for your poorly child. You’ll certainly feel really stressed, that’s for sure! But just imagine how bad your child will feel when they are dealing with their illness. They will certainly be down in the dumps, and worrying about their illness won’t help them feel any better. You need to take their mind off things so they can cheer up a bit. Here are some tips.
Let Them Nap
It’s important that your child naps as often as possible while he or she is ill. This gives the body a chance to rest and recuperate. The body is best at fighting disease while we are asleep because the immune system is a lot more active. Plus, letting your child sleep means that they won’t be feeling so down about being ill. They will wake up feeling very refreshed and, hopefully, a little bit better than when they went to sleep!
Put A Movie On
Your child probably won’t feel like being too active, even if they aren’t tired enough to nap. So, it’s a good idea to let them relax on the sofa in front of their favorite movie. You never know, they might even fall asleep while they are watching! If you have Optimum TV, there will definitely be lots of fun movies and TV shows for your child to choose from. They will probably ask for some snacks while they are watching the TV. Make sure you don’t give them anything that is too sugary as this could make them feel worse. A piece of fruit is the best option as it will be full of healthy vitamins and minerals.
Read To Them
Reading is another relaxing activity that can help to take your child’s mind off their illness. If they are really wiped out, you should offer to read to them. This should calm their mind and make it easier for them to fall asleep so that they can take a nap. Don’t read them a story or book that is too exciting or scary, though, as this could excite and agitate them too much.
Take Them To A Relative’s
If you or your partner can’t take a day of work, an alternative childcare solution is to take them to spend the day with a relative. This is also a great way to take their mind off their illness. They will probably really enjoy visiting their relative, and the change of scenery could make them feel a bit better in themselves.
It’s terrible to see your child ill, even if they just have a cold. Hopefully, the above ideas can help take their mind off things, though.


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