Do you have a little one who adores swimming? Sun Tails has the perfect holiday gift for them! With Sun Tails you can have a little mermaid or even a shark! Check out everything they have to offer here. 
     Sun Tails knows that kids love to swim, but they also love to have fun. My little guy is obsessed with sharks so he is in love with the SwimFin and MonoFin from Sun Tails.  The monofin (shown below) can be used to swim with a mermaid tail or alone. The best part? It comes in a TON of colors. The fin is super easy to put on and it is incredibly easy to use. Not only does it help you look like a realistic mermaid, it keeps feet from sliding around, is so comfortable to wear, and won't break. Monofins come in kids, teen and adult sizes. 
     Do you want your kiddo to have some fun in the pool? Check out these SwimFin Shark fins! They are great pool toys that kids and adults will love. Check them out here. With the Monofin, it makes a complete set that your kiddo will adore! 
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12/22/2017 1:38am

Sun tail is helping us to make our time more better in the water. And this thing is only occur when we use these kind things in the water and may be this is good for us.And this thing is also saving our life from to dropped in the water.

01/02/2018 11:30pm



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