If you haven’t heard of this saying before, there’s a lot of meaning behind it. We’ve all seen the hype over the recent year or two of wanting a dog or puppy for Christmas. But people often underestimate the attention a dog will need, and often the cost of actually owning one. So a few weeks after Christmas a lot of the pooch’s are up for sale, which is really heartbreaking. They’re messed around so much at this time of year. Just in the few short weeks they’re with the new owner they make an unbreakable bond. So to drag them away, and then send them to a new owner can just be so confusing. So, if you’ve had a dog for Christmas and you know you’re struggling a tad, read this article first before you decide to put them up for sale! A dog is the most loyal thing you’ll ever have in your life, as long as you’re loyal to it. Looking after a dog really isn’t that hard either. So, here are the main things you need to do if you have a dog for Christmas.

Their health is just as important as your health. Unlike humans, they won’t be telling you when they have an ache or pain, they’ll let you know by physical signs. When you first get your dog, you need to make sure you register them at a vets and get some pet insurance. If anything serious were to go wrong, you’d be looking at paying an absolute fortune in vet bills. Even if it wasn’t that serious, you’ll often find that what vets charge are pretty high, so being able to claim back off the insurance is going to help you out a lot. If you’ve had a puppy for Christmas, register them pretty quickly at the vets so you can find out about the various jabs they need before they’re allowed out into the open. That’s another thing you need to be careful of. Dogs have to have had a certain amount of vaccinations  before you take them on a walk, so please make sure if they do go outside, it is only quickly for the toilet. As they get older, you’re going to need to think of other things that they might need. One things all dogs will need is a flea treatment every so often. If you don’t do it, they will inevitably get fleas, and your house will get covered in them. It is a really uncomfortable experience for them as well, so don’t forget to do it. All you need to do is get a treatment from companies such as Pet-Lock, and apply it to the scruff of their neck, this is usually how it is done for most treatment packs. Be sure not to wet out touch the treatment until it has fully soaked in a dried up. This can usually take a few hours. You also want to make sure you’re feeding them the right food. It is so common for dogs to have sensitive stomachs to certain foods, leaving them very poorly. Experiment with foods, and if your dog ever does become ill, swap to feeding them chicken and rice until the sickness passes, then try them on the food again. If they’re sick again you’re likely going to have to change their food.


Dogs are a big commitment. You’ve probably already figured that out by now. If you’ve had one from a very young puppy, they’re even more of a commitment. If you do have a puppy, it isn’t wise to leave it alone all day whilst you’re at work. One, it really isn’t fair on them, and two, they’re likely to tear your house apart. If you’re worried about them wrecking the house all day, please do not leave them in a cage for 8 hours a day. Puppy’s are so active and so social when they’re first in their new home. It really isn’t nice to keep them locked up all day. Really, you should be at home all day with them getting them used to you, and their surroundings. As much as they’re going to be happy in their new home, they’re also going to be rather scared, which is understandable. So if you’re leaving them for so long each day whilst you’re at work, this is only going to amplify how scared they’re are. Even when you’re at home you need to stay committed. There’s so many things you’re going to need to teach your new puppy. For one, you’re going to want to try and get the potty training nailed as soon as possible. In the first few weeks, or maybe even a month or so, there’s going to be a lot of accidents, especially at night. Keeping them in the kitchen at night where any messes will be easier to clear up is probably going to be wise. To try and get them to do their business outside, you need to wait for it to start happening, or notice when it is about to start happening, and quickly take them outside so they can do it out there. Eventually, conditioning will make them learn that you can’t go in the house. Before you know it they’ll be barking at the back door for you to let them out.

You also need to be really committed to their walks and feeding them etc. Dogs get into a routine, just like humans do. So first thing in the morning they’re going to be desperate to go for a walk. But first thing in a morning is usually when we love to have that extra hour in bed. If you want a dog, you’re going to have to learn to force yourself up and out and take them on a pretty long walk. Dogs are so active, and need to stay active, so a half an hour walk in the morning should tire them out a little. The longer you leave them, the more restless they’ll get.



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