Firstly; congratulations on your engagement! What an exciting time to begin planning your dream wedding, and a great way to get the new year underway. You’re probably becoming more and more aware of how weddings can take a lot of preparation and a bit of hard work. However, it’s all worth it, and they can be so much fun to organize in the meantime. Try to ensure that stress levels remain low and that you appreciate each part of your planning process; you only get to do this once, so why not enjoy yourself? If you’re planning to head somewhere warm for your dream beach style wedding; there’ll be more than just booking a venue to think about, and it’s worth getting a head start whenever you can.
     You’ll have a destination in mind regarding where and when you want to say your vows, but it’s the details surrounding your nuptials that will take your wedding day to a new level. You’ll want consistency and continuity throughout your big day, and you want you guests to get those beachy vibes throughout the process. Therefore, it’s time to get out your notebook and pen and begin writing a list of things to consider for your wedding by the sea. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for brides-to-be who want their nautical, sea, and beach theme to run throughout their union celebration.
Getting The Word Out
Your save the dates and the following invitations can express a lot about your personality and character as a couple, and you’ll be able to give your guests a taste of what’s to come regarding the theme and colors. Whether you choose to have nautical blue wedding invitations or prefer to use the colors of the sun and sand; make sure that your invites speak volumes about the upcoming events. You could include a photo of the beach, resort, or destination where you plan to get hitched, and put the details of the celebrations on the back; in a postcard style. Detailed touches will always be appreciated; you could send out decoration dried grass or flowers that grow in your chosen shore setting, or perhaps send an edible treat that’s made and sold locally to where you’re getting married. Your guests will have the chance to get excited and will have a snippet of what’s to come.
Aside from the aesthetic side of where you plan to marry; you’ll need to get those invites out as soon as you can, especially as it’s a destinations wedding. Your guests will need to RSVP so that you’re able to book any accommodation and begin working out numbers. However, it’s also a courtesy to your invitees to let them know as soon as possible, so they have chance to financially prepare, book and flights or travel requirements, and book their own accommodation. It’s usually nice to give those attending your wedding at least twelve months to organize their travel plans and attend, so book your venue and send out the invitations as soon as you return. Utilize a wedding website where people can access the details of the day, and the time they will spend in your chosen location. The website can include information and helpful hints about where to stay, what the weather will be like, and local attractions.
The Reception
Your shoreside and beach wedding will provide your guests with all the scenery and beautiful natural decoration you could wish for. However, you might not be able to enjoy the view from inside where you host your wedding reception and breakfast. Therefore, it’s important that you take enough elements of the beach and sea to provide a theme throughout the day. Think about what you’re able to collect from the beach; shells for place-names, and driftwood centerpieces are a great way to start. Add your color palette in with ribbons and string, and think about nautical or sea life themed confetti for the tables. You don’t have to create a scene from The Little Mermaid; keeping a soft and neutral color palette throughout, and you’ll express those beachy vibes as people sit and listen to the speeches.
The food and drinks at your wedding can reflect the local area; there’s nothing better than freshly sourced local produce, and the sea will be full of it. Themed cocktails, or the use of a spirit or drink that’s made nearby will also enhance the location, and remind guests of where they are as they dance the night away. Enjoy your beach wedding, and bring the natural beauty of it into each part of your celebrations.



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