Lighting is a huge component in how we perceive things. The most stunning property can still fall short if the right lighting options aren’t installed. Natural light can make areas feel fresh and open. Dim lighting can create a more sultry atmosphere. Warm lighting can craft a cosy space where you can put your feet up to relax. Now, the thing is, you might want different atmospheres at different times of the day, or as the seasons change. This means that no property is likely to rely on one individual light source. So, here are a few different lighting options to consider and incorporate into your interior design. You will be able to completely change the feel of your living space at the simple flick of a switch!
Natural Light

Many of us take natural light for granted. After all, it surrounds us as soon as we step outdoors every single day. However, it’s always worth considering how natural lighting can affect your interior design, rather than leaving its benefits to the realm of the outside world. Natural light, in fact, can have profound consequences to our overall health and well-being, so if you want your property to give you the best quality of life possible, it’s time to start flooding your interiors with as much of the natural stuff as possible. Our bodies rely on the right amount of natural light at the right time of day to configure our internal body clocks. The more natural light you have access to, the more reliable your body clock will be and the more likely you are to get your full eight hours sleep. This means you’ll be much more productive by day and recuperate better at night. It also makes interiors more aesthetically pleasing, as natural light is flattering to both people’s features and property features. So, how do you go about incorporating this into your property? Well, if you’re building your property from scratch, ensure that your home design has large enough windows to allow light to come in at all angles, or consider a large skylight. If you already have a property, it can always undergo renovations such as the implementation of French doors or windows on stairs or corridors to eliminate darkness. If you are already settled in, however, things can be a little more difficult, as you’re stuck with the layout you’ve been given. But not to worry. It’s in situations like these that you can use mirrors to your benefit. Mirrors reflect light and bounce it across the room. So place a large mirror opposite a window, and your room will quickly fill with natural light, no matter how dark it may have been before!

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So, you’re pretty sorted for lighting by day, but what about when the sun begins to set, and things start dimming? Well, it’s time to turn to artificial lighting. Let’s start with a look at the smallest form of artificial lighting you’re likely to have in your home: lamps. Now, lamps are designed to give you a small boost of light when needs be. They won’t completely flood your room with light but are likely to give a nice glow that is sufficient to help you get by in your home without bumping into things and knocking things over. There are seemingly endless varieties available, and you should consider getting more than one. Consider the different spaces you have in your home and what you need your lamps to provide for you. If you like to read in bed, a bedside table lamp will be perfect. It will give you sufficient light to prevent you from straining your eyes while reading and can be turned off without you having to leave the comfort of your bed to turn the main light off. For your main living space, you will want a little atmospheric light for while you’re watching the television. A freestanding lamp or tripod lights will meet your needs perfectly. A desk lamp is ideal for if you work from home in the early mornings or evenings. You might even want to add a retro, psychedelic touch to your interiors with novelty lamps such as lava lamps, glitter lamps, or oil wheel projectors. The list goes on and on. So, browse around until you find something that’s perfect!

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are for when you need a room to be fully lit. They are the main light source of most homes. They’re what you’ll turn to when you’re searching for something, eating meals, or a whole host of other tasks. But you can make things a whole lot more exciting than the standard ceiling rose! Instead, take other options into account. Keep things chic and elegant with crystal chandeliers. Go retro with a fanlight. Stay modern by having spotlights installed. You can also go with fashions in interior design. An increasing trend tends to be industrial lights with matte black finishes. As you can see, regardless of your decor, you will be able to find a form of ceiling light that will match right in - or stand out, if that’s what you prefer. You can also have dimmer switches installed, which allow you to change the brightness of the bulbs by limiting the flow of electricity. This means that you can change the atmosphere or level of lighting at any given moment that you wish. Many types of lighting will need to be fitted properly. So, if you’re going with something more complex than a standard light shade, we’d recommend that you call in a professional electrician to do the job. Not only is this the safest option, but it also means you’ll have the best finish possible.

These are the three main sources of lighting in the majority of the population’s homes. Being familiar with them will allow you to use them to your advantage and craft the best interior design with their helping hand. So choose wisely and see every light fitting you purchase as a real investment piece.



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