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     Money provides people, both old and young, with the opportunity to make decisions. Empowering, motivating and educating your children to save and invest regularly enables them to keep more of their earning and get more out of their spending. Daily spending habits have a huge impact on your children’s financial future. Here are a few basics you should teach them.

     The holidays are a season of hospitality with many people welcoming extended family members into their homes for some or all of the festivities. You don’t need a full guest suite to keep your visitors comfortable during their stay. Use these simple tricks to make any part of the house a cozy hideaway for your relatives, no matter how big or small.

     It’s important that your child has their own space in your home and that space is the bedroom. As they get older, this is going to be increasingly crucial because they're going to slowly become more independent. They won’t want to spend the evenings with you, they may spend it in their room, or they may head out with friends. They’ll also want privacy, and you have to provide them it. You can’t constantly be walking into their room and inspecting it. You should not be asking them to clean it or worse cleaning it yourself. From an early age, you have to make sure kids know this is their space. It’s their job to look after it and treat it how they please. Although if things get too extreme, you may want to take action. No one wants a room in a house covered with mold and filled with stale food. Even if it does belong to a terrible teen.

     Discover the Dinosaurs Unleashed is invading Pittsburgh this weekend and you don't want to miss it! This incredible event isn't just a walk through dinosaur exhibit. It is a nonstop adventure for your entire family. Dinos will be in Pittsburgh from Feb 3-Feb 5. If you live outside of the Pittsburgh area, see when they will be visiting you

     March 17 is almost here!! That night will be the premiere of Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, the live-action adaptation of the studio's animated classic! In anticipation of this super exciting event, check out the incredible movie posters!! 

     A last-minute date night with your sweetheart is exciting, but not without its share of aggravations. You need to have everything in place for an evening that goes without a hitch. That includes having a babysitter, picking a place to go, and making sure your makeup is in place. It's a little stressful, but doable if you maintain grace under pressure and lay out everything you need to do to get ready. Following are three tips to help you everything together and look your best when you arrive at your destination.

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     Many of the household products that we use in our homes contain toxic chemicals that can make us sick and harm the environment. These chemicals, which are sometimes found in laundry detergents and spray cleaners, can cause everything from asthma and respiratory irritation to fertility issues and birth defects. They can also contaminate water and increase air pollution. So, how can you ensure that you’re using products that won’t harm you, your family, or the environment? Start by examining the household products in your home. What chemicals are in them? Are these chemicals toxic? Do they pose a threat to your health? If so, replace them with safe, environmentally friendly alternatives.

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     Of course one of our main goals this year is to have another little one! We have been doing everything we can to increase our chances at getting pregnant, so I have a great feeling that this is going to work. Especially with the help of Stork OTC, I am confident. 

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     As someone who volunteers at our local nursing home, I have seen firsthand how much Hasbro's Joy for all Companion Pets can impact a patient's life. They inspire companionship and delight their owners. Every time one of the patients plays with their pet, their entire attitude changes and their face lights up. It is amazing to watch!