You might be surprised how many places actually get overlooked in the family home. After all, as they are places we don’t use regularly, it’s easy for months to go past before we check out the area. But in the meantime, there might be issues developing in those particular areas. And as you know, a small issue can easily turn into a big problem if left untouched. Therefore, here are some places you must not forget to keep an eye on in the family home!

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     As a mom I know kiddos have some big emotions! That is a great thing, as long as they know how to express them. In our home, we have been trying out the Feeling Buddies toolkit to help our children harness some of those big feelings, but still clearly express what they are thinking in that moment. This easy to use kit teaches healthy self-regulation skills for your little one to use in everyday life. 

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     Sports can be exhilarating and heartbreaking. Few things are more glorious than winning and more agonizing than losing, especially when the stakes are high. As your child grows up, experiencing both is almost certain - and sometimes, necessary. As the saying goes: “You win some, you lose some”. Although you may feel the urge to protect your children from the pain of losing, they need to be able to go through loss in order to get better.
     Difficult as it is to watch your child lose, your job isn’t to force winning at all costs, but to provide support and motivation no matter what happens. Be there when it matters and give them some extra help where they need it.

     There isn't a parent in the world that wants their child to perform poorly academically. Every parent the world over wants success for that child and for the most part that means success at school, college and university. Success can come from a variety of places, and some of the most successful business people worldwide will tell you that they learnt more outside of school 'in the real world' than they did hitting the books at school. No matter what though, education be it at school, home or further education in college and university is dramatically important for most children, if not all and will be the foundation of any success that they hope to achieve in later life.

      There are many ways to bond with your children. It’s not even necessary to go on extensive holidays and invest in a huge adventure to do so. In fact, the best parts of raising children are free. However, if you’ve found that your child has an inclination for the entrepreneurial side of life, this might be a great way to help educate them about the world of business transactions.
     It might be a lemonade stand, home baked treats or painting and decorating people’s furniture. Investing time in a little idea can help you guys connect more, and become tighter as a family unit. It will also stimulate their imagination, help them be more confident around strangers, and understand the value of earning your money. It’s a great way to help divide the profits and give them a sizable allowance, or even save for their college fund.
     Whatever your motivation, running a small side-hustle with your child can be a fruitful experience. But once you’ve set up your endeavor, and have the baked goods ready, how do you find people in your local neighborhood to buy what you’re selling?

     Getting married isn’t cheap. Whilst you can shop around for the cheapest registry office, invite no guests and get married in casual clothes, most of us want out special day to be special which means keeping onto all the traditions and hosting a ceremony and party to remember. Fortunately, there are ways to still have all the bells and whistles without spending a fortune. Here’s how…

     You and your partner have started a family, and you’ve living in a shared apartment. You might already have given birth to your first child, or you’re expecting a new one on the way. It’s been your plan for some time to move out of your current living space and into something more fitting and spacious. One day, you hit the magic number and finally saved up enough money to get out of your cramped surrounding and buy your first family home.

     Parents know that the flu can spread like wildfire from one child to another as soon as it’s entered the house. Dealing with one sick family member is challenging enough. Try to stop illness in its tracks and keep the rest of your family healthy by acting fast to isolate the germs, clean up your house, and encourage good habits for everyone under your roof.

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