It is no secret our family travels. Not just a little bit, but a WHOLE LOT! So, it is my desire to not just share our stories, but also our travel secrets with all of you. After all, it isn't easy packing it all up and toting three kids everywhere we go! So, I have started Nonperfect Nomad, my site for all the travel we do! You can still find our trips highlighted here; however, the super in-depth look and insder's secrets will be on our sister site, Nonperfect Nomad. It is just too much travel fun to fit on one place! Thanks for keeping up with us, everyone and Happy Travels! We will see you all very soon!


    Hi, I'm Tre. A thirty-six year old mom of three. My hubby and I raise the brood outside of Pittsburgh, PA. These are our adventures. 


    July 2016


    Nonperfect Nomad